Surviving Gym Boredom To Stay Fit

During my younger years, I was so overweight that I can hardly run together with my friends. I was weighing 165 lbs at 5’6 . Its so embarrassing that one time I accidentally tripped on the floor because I lost balance while dancing in a disco club. Thank goodness we went to that bar on a Tuesday night with my bestfriends and the crowd is scarce.

I used that moment as a catalyst to fire my desire to shed some pounds off my body. The next thing I knew - I’m signing up for a club membership at our local community gym.

My enthusiasm is so overwhelming I went straight to the cardio machines after I enrolled. I tried everything from the treadmill to the strair climbers and sweat till I dropped. My overeager attitude lasted for 2 weeks till I find everything tedious.

Ahhhhhh!!!!! I hit the common boredom most gym goers experience.

I stopped going to the gym for 3 days, then like a recurring nightmare I remembered that dreadful night at the club. I went back to the gym and look around for other means to loosen my gut.

I passed by the aerobics room and looked at the class schedule. To my amazement there are like 10 different classes of dancing and group exercise and that's not even including the stretching classes.

For a month I tried all those classes, sometimes I even did two consecutive classes so I can sweat like loco. I was so happy that I immediately lost 10 lbs in 6 weeks. I did the aerobics thing on a daily basis and tried all the variety of exercises the gym has to offer.

Ten weeks later I lost a total of 16 pounds and I'm so happy that I'm no longer experiencing shortness of breath and my skin is getting that clear healthy natural glow. Without boasting I lost all those pounds without even trying to diet.

Then boredom start knocking on my door once more.

Hmmmm, I got to find a way to sustain my figure. So once again I started my usual field trip around the gym hoping to meet inspiration once more. Then there it is the bulletin board.

They have a list of these Sports Group inviting new members. I joined the Badminton Club, Wushu Class, and the Synchronized Swimming (kidding - hahahaha). There is still a host of other sports I haven't enrolled yet but I'm saving them for last or to be more honest until I get bored again.

I lost a lot of weight after my sports addiction and gained friends. These same friends helped me along the way to keep my momentum. They have given me advise on what other things to enjoy going to the gym to stay fit.

Surviving gym boredom is not easy and I have to say it requires diversity in the activities you do there.

As much as possible enjoy the process so it would look like a recreational activity rather than a chore. Stay out in a rut routine because before you know it you might find yourself going back to your old habits of a sedentary life and the occasional falling flat on your face.

Beauty Movie Review : The House Bunny

house bunnyIt was one of those ordinary weekends when I decided to go out with my close friends to hang out on the mall. It’s been awhile since I watched a movie so we decided to see what’s showing on the cinemas.

Of course there are those highly advertised movies like High School Musical 3 and Max Payne that came first in mind. Lines where long so we decided to watch the movie with least people. Then there is this peculiar movie "The House Bunny".

The movie star from this flick is Anna Farris, a comedienne from the famed comedy "Scary Movie". She played the role of Shelley Darlington a Playboy Model. As we read on the short literature about the movie, it's kinda interesting because of its unique plot.

It's about the story of Playboy Bunny who got kicked out of their Mansion because of a plotting envious Co-Bunny. Then in her search for a new home she came across a sorority of losers but who turns out to be smart and nice individuals.

The sorority is about to lose their Charter and their House if they will not be able to have pledges and get to attract both guys and girls to mingle with them. With the help of Shelley, the girls are able to keep their Sorority by turning themselves into Hot Vixens from their Nerdy selves and in the process retain their individuality.
house bunnyFor some people they may find it shallow that in order to get attention and popularity you have to be someone who is beautiful. But the truth is most people who are popular and famous are beautiful first.

Of course it does matter to have an individuality or a brain to boot but people don’t know that by just looking at you. In a way you have to lure them to get to know you more by attracting them. It’s not like I'm not giving credit to Brains and Right attitude but that quality follows after the beauty part.

After becoming beautiful comes the hard part. Beauty can only enchant a person for so long but what keeps people entangled further is what you truly are. The contents of your head, your interests and your other talents gets in the picture of the situation.

People who wants to be in a relationship with you be it for friendship or love wants somebody who share a common goal or affinity. Suffice to say Beauty is a tool that can open the doors to a lot of possibilities for you.

In the movie, Shelley do give some advices to the Sorority about feeling good about themselves and becoming beautiful by your own right. Not all the girls are pretty in the movie but with enough shopping, makeovers, and some habit changes the girls are able to gain their confidence and are able to project that seductive aura and radiate it to others.

Beauty does not come only from being genetically gifted but it can come from within. It’s about being comfortable of what you are and the way you carry yourself. So to make that happen you have to be really comfortable with yourself by pampering yourself and giving it the attention it deserves without getting narcissistic.