Healthy Fruity Bloody Mary

This is a personal recipe I concocted while at home. I was shopping at Rustan Makati and pass over the fruit stand saw all my favorite fruits which are hard to find as well. I grab a basket put all rare fruits I could pick. This juice that I specially brewed (speaking like a witch) is designed specifically to purify the body but accidentally would do great wonders fo the skin as well. The following are the ingredients

Ingredients :

150 grams watermelon

150 grams strawberries

100 grams raspberries

6 pieces of cherries

Procedure :

Drop all the ingredients in a blender with 2 to 3 pieces of ice cubes or depending on how evaporated you want the juice to be. Top with whole strawberries or cherries if desired and drink right away.

The ingredients of this healthy drink composed of fruits good for the skin like watermelon which is perfect on hydrating the skin and its packed with beta carotene and vitamin c. The strawberries and rasberries are known to be high in anti-oxidants that fights free radicals in your body. Its high in potassium, lycopene, and zinc which are great in purifying your system. So everytime you and your friends have a get together instead of the real bloody mary try to replace it with this mix blend of red fruits for a change. Its definitely free of hang over and you will wake up the next morning with a healthy glow.

How to eat healthy at Convenience Store

I am regular night owl who have a hard time sleeping at night due to my current job as a call center agent. During my day off I found myself bummed with nothing to do so I go out to eat and see what are the usual stores open. Of course in my area the Jolibbee food chain is 24 hours but I already had enough of it because everywhere I go their food chains are like mushrooms. Another option near to me is the carinderia like the tapsihan but I'm not really hungry for rice. So the last resort for me are the convenience stores.

We have 2 convenience store located in our area. The first one is Mini Stop and anoter one is seven eleven. Both serve meals like microwave dinners and sandwiches of all varieties. Since I am in for a quick bite I look at the choices available for me at the stands and the following are the best choices I can come up with.

1 Dark chocolate - Yes oh yes it might be too indulgent but dark chocolates are good choices for a snack. They are known to be anti-oxidants and contains ingredients that makes you feel good all over. I advise however that consume this item at moderation. If you are going to buy them like in bar form eat only 1/4 of the bar because we dont want any sugar rush or calorie surge to add up to your belly.

2. Water - Their are diffirent kinds of water available here you just have to pick the one that suits you like mineral, purified, alkaline, and all the other assortments. Some even have the one with vitamin's. But off of course to make it really simple and calorie free choose plain water because it would aid you in hydration and keeping your skin supple.

3. Cavendish Bananas - Most chain of seven eleven do serve this fruit. Their are no doubt about the health benefits of this fruit are as follows a. its good after exercise and b. good source of fibre. Bananas by the way are good source of fibre to keep your weight at bay so its best to buy 2 pieces when you are at the store.

4. Yogurt - This dairy product which is rich in bacteria good for digestion comes in various fruit flavor and sometimes in juice form. Most of them are zero fat so definitely your cart must contain this when you go shopping at night for a snack.

5. Prepacked Fruits - On the refrigerator isle you could also see a lot of prepacked fruits like dole apples and some fruit cocktails served in small cups. The juice of the fruit cocktail is laden with sugar so dont consume that when you buy this product.

6. Milk - if you are not lactose intolerant its best also to buy this item. Make sure that you buy the low fat or non fat version. Milk is rumored to increase your metabolism on regular consumption because it contains a good amount of protein. Protein do increase metabolism even at rest phase and it consume more calories when you digest them so its a lot of help to keep your weight down.

7. Hotdogs - All right I can see that their are a lot of eyebrows saying on protest against this food. Although hotdogs are not really a good choice for a snack, convenience store's do steam this food when they cook it. Steaming is the most healthy choice for cooking food. Although hotdogs are not really healthy at least the method of cooking is ok. Its a good way to satiate a craving for meat minus the other calories derive from frying.

The items I enumerated above are just few of the choices you could buy at convenient stores but I guarantee you they are the most healthy stuff you could buy their. Its best to eat healthy stuff during the night when your metabolism is low and your digestion is not at it peak performance. So the next time your tummy grumbles and request for a grub go out and get your snack or dinner at convenience store with this shopping list. Hehehe

How to make the most of using Sauna or Steam Room

One of the things I frequently do when I go to the gym is indulge in this perk of an exclusive gym. I go to the Steam Bath which is located near the showers together with the Sauna. I like the feeling of steam being sprayed over my body because it gives that instant moisture that my drench skin have been wanting after the exercise at the gym. It kinda open my pore to sweat out and at the same time release the toxins accumulated under neath it. It has the same effect as the Sauna although its just pure heat and the sweat alone is pushing all the impurities out of your pores.

This indulgence however can have its effects maximize. The following are the steps.

1. Do bring slippers inside the steam room or sauna - as a habit I love walking on foot inside the house so I implement the same at the sauna or the steam room. In return the bacteria breeding at the floor have an easy access to my foot. A week later my foot started having warts and athletes foot. I found out from my friend who have encountered the same problems that these germs breed on humid and wet areas.

2. Always wear towels when sitting at sauna or steam room - its the same effect as not wearing slippers. My friend told me he got a ringworm right at corners of his Butt ahahah just because he dared wearing his t-back at the sauna room. So for your butt cheeks sake always wear those towels just to be sure those bacteria wont have direct contact to your skin.

3. Do bring a Body Scrub - since your skin are soft due to the sweating it is best to scrub it to slough away all the dead skin cells to let new skin show. What better way to have this is to use a Body Scrub like Body's Shops Sea Salt Scrub. I frequently used the product while im scrubbing my skin. They always smell nice after the scrubbing and leaves my skin more radiant. Salt by the way is a disinfectant. Which could be perfect also for your skin after accumulating some germs.

4. Apply hot oil treatments inside the Sauna or Steam - to save you time going to the parlor and have a hot oil treatment you could also do it inside the Steam or Sauna room. Apply a hot oil treatment like a cream and let all the natural oils sink in your scalp for maximum benefits. Of course the result wont be at par as having the treatment at the parlor but im pretty sure regularity of the habit would bring the same effect.

5. Do not go to the Sauna or Steam room more than twice a week - Although this treatment is not forbidden for us compared to some people with asthma or heart ailments , in all things it must be done with moderation. Our constant tendency when we go to the steam room is rub our skin. Rubbing it do slough away the dead cells but doing it more often than we should darkens the skin. The dermatologist I consulted said frequent rubbing do stimulate growth of skin cells but at a fast rate that would darken it instead.

6. Stay inside at most 15 minutes - this treatment do make you sweat a lot but too much sweating will cause dehydration so I would advise you to limit yourself for a 15 minute treatment then if you want some more drink some water then indulge again. Do put intervals to avoid too much water loss which may eliminate the health benefit altogether.

This are the things I usually do whenever I go inside a steam room or a Sauna. Most of my friends follow the same as a rule of thumb. Sauna and Steam rooms will leave you fresh and will aid your metabolism for further fat loss. Always do the things I enumerated above to further enhance your beauty and eliminate the disadvantages of going inside the Sauna or Steam Room.

How to lighten those deep dark circles under your eyes

One of problems due to the night job I have right now is the dark circles I have under my eyes. Its not really a pretty site cause it makes me look like a racoon. Other sources of this predicament is allergies, constant eye rubbing, and smoking. Which I get a lot also because I'm always surrounded by people who smokes a lot.

My guy boss who look so fabulous advice me to take vitamin k internally as a part of my regular diet and as a supplement to speed up the process. He told me that vitamin K helps in the proper blood circulation in those dark areas of my eyes. He advised me to eat a lot of cruciferous veggies like spinach and brocolli and also some berries like strawberries for they are known to have high content of the nutrient.

I went to Rustan department store and I found a wide array of eye creams that contains vitamin K. I bought the one with retinol in it because according to the sales lady it gives result much faster. True enough when I tried the product I could see visible results after 3 weeks. I guess this would be a regular regimen of mine. I usually applied it at night even though I am at work. And applied a little bit of it during the day.

The next step I took is go to the nearest health store to buy a big bottle of Vitamin K. I made sure it is a full months supply for me like 30 pieces so I wont run out of the stuff. According to my boss a safe dosage would be 75 to 80 mg for males and 55 to 65 for females. I took the supplement after meals.

Lastly my boss recommended to get a lot of sleep because no matter I how I treat my dark eye circles it wont get any better unless I attack the source of the problem. I kinda wonder how do I do that when I work in the night. My boss told me that to get a good rest during the day is make sure that I wear eye mask while sleeping so that I wont be able to see too much light. True enough I dose off more peacefully and faster. I also put some heavy curtains at my window cause it kinda block of the noise coming from the outside I put two slices of cucumber on top of my eyes to relax it further.

After a month of sleeping a lot, taking vitamin k, and eating a lot of the veggies my dark circles have diminish together with the eye puffiness. Give it 2 more months and it is guaranteed to disapper completely according to my Boss. For the meantime while you still have those racoon eyes it would help a lot to put concealer or some other form of make up to hide those unsightly dark circles.

Whats inside the Bag of a Professional Model

One of the sidelines I've been doing aside from my regular 8 to 5 job is a booker for a Modeling Agency. I usually work side by side with them and get to observe their habits specially when they are having their photo shoots. Usually my boss would apply something to their face or to their teeth before the shoot to make them more gorgeous but its another story when you look into their bags. Really these pips have an assortment of beauty arsenal to enhance their looks further . They are not really brand conscious but they usually buy stuffs that works for them or cosmetics they are not allergic. I come up with a few of the stuff that are usually at their bags and the following are the frequent items I get to see.

1. Perfume or cologne - I always see this people spray these stuff to smell good. Most of the time they have perfume's or cologne that they find fragrant, but some spray cologne that have a signature on the scent like some expensive brands. It adds to their allure and confidence to smell good to feel good. Not all models have cars and the toll of commuting is absorbing the aroma of the nearby environment. So for us regular pips it will help us also to feel good about ourselves by doing the same. Spray perfume that would that would make us more pleasing to others. Nobody wants a stinker around them.

2. Hand sanitizer - Most models I know keep this product intact at the corners of their bag. They are gaga over cleanliness and health so they always apply it to prevent germs and bacteria to breed at their hands which is the only body part that gets to touch every opening in their body (e.g. mouth, eyes) that acts as doorway for disease. Its a preventive measure for them to avoid common illnesses like flu or colds that could aggravate to something else. Clearly nobody looks good if they are sickly.

3. Healthy Snacks - Most models I know specially the guys are health conscious. Models frequent the gym often and they are always on the go. They keep a healthy snack handy in case they get hungry to keep their metabolism up. They know for a fact that frequent small meals will boost their metabolism to keep them slim and still constantly watching their calorie intake. Models usually keep a piece of fruit in their bag or a whole wheat sandwich packed with veggies and meat like tuna. Chocolates are one of their indulgence but they usually bring like 5 small pieces handy to give them a feel good mood and reduce cravings.

4. Make up - These is the most regular resident of their bag. Usually they have foundations and other assortments for a re touch of their make up every few hours. Guy models do have make up but they keep it on a minimum. Some guy models usually have simple skin tone foundation and apply it sporadically and a clear lip balm. They always buy make up that are close to their skin tone so that they would look fresh and flawless naturally.

5. Tissue - A clear must have for them is a pack or two of tissue for cleaning their face & for wiping sweat and dirt that accumulated at any body part. For people who wants to be constantly fresh tissue is the perfect aid for cleaning up.

6. Hair styling products and Tools - Beside their face models usually fix their hair all the time. Their bag contains hair wax or gel to keep their locks in place or if they are the rapunzel time you could see a brush or a medical comb to stroke their mane. most of them have a healthy hair strand so its easy to manage their hair because its well maintained. They also bring caps to cover their hair from wind damage or some pony tails or hair clips to keep it in place.

7. Shades or Eyeglasses - Models keep a good pair of eyeglasses in their bags to protect their eyes from dirt and the harmful rays of the sun. Its not really good practice for them to squint and let their eyes be exposed to the sun. Its like an open invitation for crows feet and sundamage if they dont bring eyeglasses handy. Their eyes wont look great or expressive in front of the camera if they look tired or lined with wrinkles

8. Sunblock or SPF lotion - Skin is the largest organ exposed to models. And since most skin ageing are also a result of frequent sun exposure models have a face cream and a sunblock handy to prevent their skin from wrinkling and having sunburn due to over exposure from the sun rays if they choose to travel or commute.

The above list are the common stuff Models bring or put in their bags. Of course they might forget an item or two but these stuff are the regular things you would see. So if you are planning to be the BATMAN of the modeling world your utility belt should mostly compose of the items listed above. Their could be some deviation on the list but I assure you it would containt most of the things I enumerated above

Grooming 101 for Guys to Improve your Beauty & Social Life

In todays fast pace life specially in the corporate world most guys usually dont have the time to alot an hour or two for grooming. Though guys have a flare for vanity its not really in their top to do list, they would rather sit down sometimes and talk with their buddies with a beer or do a hobby like a sport.

But grooming doesnt really need a lot of time time and money investment if all you want to achieve is that fresh out look that girls would appreciate. All you would need is a few purchase of items and a tweek of habits to get that handsome aura. The following are few of the grooming tips & tools some of the guy models advise me and they dont really require that much effort.

1.) Invest in a good dandruff shampoo - since guys are more active than girls we tend to get more dirt and sweat, thus these things get stucked in our hair a lot too. Most guys I know do shampoo but a medicated shampoo especially for dandruff like nizoral would be a good addition to your guy grooming kit. You dont need christmas all year round hanging on your shoulders due to the flakes, otherwise girls would be turned off by that sight figuratively making christmas stay all year round because they are appalled. (approximate time to shampoo your hair : 5 minutes)

2.) Invest in facial cleanser, toner, and moisturizer - these three products are the basics in any grooming arsenal. Most guys think it eats a lot of time applying them and sometimes costly on the budget. Well in fact for a mere budget of like P250.00 you could buy all three and it would eliminate the occurence of additional facial problems like blemishes (e.g. whiteheads & blackheads) acne, and warts. A clean face makes good countenance thus attracting more people to you. (approximate time to use 3 products : 15 minutes)

3.) Use clear lip gloss or lip balm - chapped lips is a no no for guys also. Although you dont pucker to attract girls it would be very unsightly to see that. If your lips flake too much sometimes some lip sores occur if it becomes very dry. You would need to apply lip balm or gloss the frequently since lips dont have sweat glands to moisturize them. Lips by the way is a major gateway that open the doors to other pleasures like kissing so might as well take care of them both upper and lower (approximate time to use : less than a minute )

4.) Toothbrush & Toothpaste - although we do this everyday not every guy do this on the correct frequency. Do brush your pearls for at least 2 times a day to ward off the bad odor. For social life and health sake dont cross this out in your grooming to do list. A good set of teeth is a big factor also in attracting conversations and people. You would miss a lot on opportunities when nobody wants to talk to you for a long time due to the nauseating smell of the bad breath. Do eat also on time. Bad breath also occurs on a hungry stomach. floss and use a mouthwash to seal in that fresh breath for a longer period of time (approximate time to use : 5 minutes)

5.) Buy a sturdy nail cutter - one of the most undesirable sight is having long finger nails to qualify you as a vampire in a brom stokers movie. Both guys and girls dislike it and its completely unhygienic because most dirt and bacteria brood underneath those areas given enough space. They might contribute for more blemishes to your face if you touch it when filthy nails. So once every 3 to 4 days do check your nails and make sure they dont grow outside the range of their nail beds ( approximate time to use : less than 5 minutes every few days)

6.) Dont forget to use deodorant - a definite must in every grooming tray is this simple yet powerful beauty tool. A bad breath wards of people once you open your mouth but body odor wards of every body within the 360 degrees range at approximate 2 to 3 feet from you depending on the stench. Its like an instant force field that just pops up to keep people away. But thats not the kind of protection you would need doesnt it? Some deodorant are so fragrant that it acts like a simple cologne or perfume. So if I we're you i would buy a deodorant and it only cost like P50 to P75 pesos per bottle. Buy the most fragrant one and labeled as extra strength if they have one. You will never know when you will sweat heavily. (approximate time to use : less than a minute after bath)

These are just the basic grooming tips for guys who wants a slight improvement in their beauty and social life. If you add up all the time use to do them its only less than an hour. It would bring benefits to you like more confidence in getting closer to people and a better countenance to boot. In the future I would post more grooming tips for guys and how they could take their grooming to the next level to provide them with more handsomeness and better health.

Healthy Brown Rice

I was enjoying my usual rut of being a mall rat at Alabang Town Center when I pass the food court for a grub. I couldn't figure out what to eat because all the fast foods seem bland to me because I always eat their and the other stalls seem to serve a regular fare where you could eat the meals even at your office cafeteria.
Then this stall caught my attention. The exact catchy phrase is they serve only healthy stuff. No sodium, no cholesterol, good for diabetics, heart healthy, and all those hala baloo claims that they are the ultimate whatchamacallit stall for the vegetarians and health freaks alike. I look at the menu immediately to see what nonesense are they serving because for them to serve something like that it must be tasteless, because most tasty food that I know is laden with fat, salt, and sugar and no way they could be yummy.

What I saw is a menu of grilled meat and everything served with brown rice on the side. Of course its a given that grilled is healthy but what rouse my curiosity is the brown rice. It doesnt look so inviting at the picture. But for health's sake I ordered, since I can count already two hips at my waist. I ordered the chicken with the brown rice. I recall my trainor at the office saying that he lost all his tummy because he consumed only whole grain carbs and brown rice every meal. The brown rice help him a lot to have good bowel movement because of the high fiber content, thus preventing waste becoming accumulated on your large intestine.
I've read from a magazines also that because of the high mineral content of brown rice like manganese and selenium it is also good for you asthma & heart disease. It has more B vitamins than white rice because it gets to retain more of its husk which contains most of the nutrients. I was about to worship the grain until I started eating. Brown rice is a bit rancid and gritty when you munch it. I cant figure out whats wrong exactly but its so bland that although the grilled chicken paired with it is tasty im not encourage to have a second cup of rice. Its filling but Im not satisfied with what I eat. Maybe I have to develop an acquired taste consuming it.
A chef friend of mine recommended his cook book on how to serve brown rice and enjoy it. In my future blogs I will feature this recipe's so we could enjoy the benefits of brown rice so we could enjoy eating it on a regular basis.

Making an awesome Peanut butter sandwich

One sunday afternoon when I woke up at the house I was so hungry. I look around to see if their is something to eat at the fridge and all I see was the leftovers from last nights dinner. Nobody is around since everyone went out to go to the malls or to church ergo their is no food cooked in the kitchen argghhh!!!! Double whammy really. So i look inside the fridge for the second time around and look for anything to gobble that dont require a lot of time to prepare. I see a lot cereals and fruits. Then their is also a loaf of wheat bread and a lot of spreads. I really want to eat a real lunch not the breakfast fare the fridge is offering and then, their is hope. Their is like a light bulb flashing into my head. I saw a bottle of Peanut Butter.

I started making this sandwich that I used to make when I was a kid and really I find it so filling even for a grown up like me. So I started gathering the ingredients for this super meal. I grab the whole bottle of the less fat Peanut Butter which happen to belong to my super buff brother. I also pick 3 large slices of whole wheat bread, the bottle of the strawberry Jelly, the Honey also. I thought I would be satisfied but because I could a whole cow at that time I added 2 slices of light bacon which also belong to my brother ahahhaha (im in for some trouble), and also a big banana and the little box of raisin at the cold recesses of the ref ahahahah. I can almost hear my brother on top of my head grumbling.

I put the 2 slices of bacon and heat them for 5 minutes at slightly high heat. I put the 3 slices wheat bread at the toaster when their is only 2 minutes remaining for the bacon to cook. After that I grab one of the bread and started spreading peanut butter on the bread and slice the banana in the middle to make smalls circles and placed them on top of the peanut butter together with a few raisins. After that I put some strawberry jelly on top of the second bread and placed the sinful bacon on top of it. I placed the third slice on top of the bacon then put them on top of the peanut butter and wowowweeee instant Peanut butter club house sandwich

I consumed the whole thing in 20 minutes then I counted the calories on the whole sandwich. I think it would reach to almost a thousand. But regardless of the sugar spike it gave me a I know the energy Im getting didnt come from empty calories.. It is filled with a lot of protein and fiber. Except of course for the two bacon slices do not count as healthy but since its less fat I think it would be an exception or maybe look next time for a better alternative. Peanut butter consist of monounsaturated fat that is good for the heart. I also planned on making this same sandwich when I go to the gym and plan to have some protein boost after the workout. Yes it packs a lot of calories but the ingredients alone guarantees they would do good to your muscles and your body (again a disclaimer against the bacon because I thought its delicious). All of a sudden all of the good stuff in my head started to disappear when my brother walk in the door and saw me nibbling on his food. Nyahhhhh I could see the dagger look in his eyes. I told him immediately I would replace the food when I go outside to buy for my groceries lolzz!!!! and offered him also if I could make him the MOST AWESOME PEANUT BUTTER SANDWICH EVER with the matching begging look of the cat in SHREK. ahahahahahha but the reaction is another story. :p

Why do some people never get pretty or sexy even if they Diet or Exercise?

This two discipline diet and exercise have always been the best combo to get that sexy figure and if you want to be beautiful too. Its a time tested formula that any body can attest the result if they are combined together with the right methods and techniques. Any deviation will surely produce result short from what is expected. I have tried applying them individually and the result is half satisfying.

The first that I applied alone is exercise. I enrolled in the gym and went through a strict exercise program. I was so obese back then so I do 1 hour cardio and 1 hour weight lifting, on days I dont lift I do 2 hours cardio. In 3 months time I am 5 lbs away from my desired weight. My friends told me my skin is glowing because of constant workout but the problem is I cant seem to remove the remaining spare tire of my tummy. I was not really dieting back then but I dont gorge either. I just eat whatever I fancy. Although I work out I dont have enough protein to go with the weight lifting thats why I wasn't able to grow enough muscles. Muscles by the way is important to gain in the process of working out because they will burn your calories even if your outside the gym. My diet is not planned to sustain the dietary requirements of having muscles. A junk food after work out certainly is not helping me either. Suffice to say working out alone didnt produce the exact result I wanted to become healty and beautiful at the same time.

I experimented on eating healthy but without exercise. I eat mostly fibre and lean meats in most of my meals. I have a variety of fruits and vegetables everyday to cover most of my dietery requirements and I drink milk twice a day. The only thing that drive me nuts doing this is I did it all too soon and I have to combat cravings. In a matter of two months I got the results. My friends admired the nice complexion I got from eating a lot of fiber. I did slim down but I look a bit haggard because my muscles are not toned from the sudden decrease of body weight. Exercise help tone down muscles when you lose weight so those excess skin wont be sagging in all directions.

To conclude it all diet and exercise have to be in tandem when endeavoring a beauty and health program. You cant exercise and eat just anything in hopes that the workout will burn everything. An hour of exercise maybe 500 calories but a simple meal after it composing of a slice of pizza and cake is more than enough to ruin it. Dieting is a good tool to slim down too but of course we want our body to be in good shape also. Their are some stomach flabs that cant be remove by dieting alone and exercise is required to remove them. To be beautiful and healthy it would require both methods working together and anything less than that would shortchange the results.

Eat Oatmeal for better skin

One of the things I have experimented before when I was younger is this diet that proves to be so effective in giving supple skin the shortest time possible.

I was so stressed back then because of the line of work I was doing. I am always in the field due to the marketing stuff I have to do for the company I worked for and what I have notice I am getting fine lines at my young age. It is frustrating to see that I am becoming a victim of premature aging that is plauging most of our yuppies nowadays.

What I did is eat oatmeal for my carbohydrates and nothing but this carbs for a week. All I do is scoop out 3 to 5 tablespoon of ready eat oatmeal from a can each meal and put it in a bowl. I put hot water in it and mix it till all the oatmeal is good for consuming. I always put drips of honey on top of the bowl to add flavor or sometimes I put some non fat milk. To put more variety I added banana's and raisins during breakfast. During lunch and dinner I just interchange chicken and fish as a viand for the oatmeal which I used as a replacement for rice which is the usual carb for us Asians.

After a week from this diet I noticed that my skin is less stressed and some of the early signs of frownlines and stress marks on my face have cease to show. My face looked more fresher not to mention its thrifty on the budget because I refrained from eating out. The set back is im becoming cranky because of the limited variety of food that im eating and from the sudden withdrawal from my usual food intake.
It is the usual side effect of sudden diet changes to be cranky but what really amaze me is the look and feel of clarity that I experienced from this oatmeal diet. I cant deny I like the aura it gives me and the minimize appearance of my fine lines and stress mark truly inspires me to continue. However my fast pace life made me forget this diet which I will incorporate to my daily life again soon.
I researched that the reason why oatmeal have such wondrous effect is because its actually a nerve tonic that soothes the body of stress including the face. All the by product of stress like spot marks, hives, & veins are minimize. I wasnt able to test if it vanquish the effects of stress completely on continued used but I am more bound to try it now. Naturally oatmeal have silicon which is an important mineral in mainting the collagen structure of our skin which is the skin component that cements its to prevent sagging. This wonder food however should be avoided however by people allergic to gluten because oats compose of gluten and instead of beauty we might unleashed the beast within ehehehehhe.

The serious case of the False Eyelashes

It was one of those afternoons when I usually meet up with my close friends and have chit chat with them over trivial stuff's and ask about the latest updates about their lives. I met with my bestfriend Santi (not real name) a 57 year old kikay woman who likes to indulge in parlor services and visit it like a second home.

We met at Jolibee pacita regarding our sideline about events organizing for the Rotary Club and start discussing of what must be done to expedite things needed to be accomplished. As I was listening to what she was telling me about the overpriced talent fee for our charity work I cant help but notice her eyelashes. I noticed that she doesnt have eyelashes in the middle of her eyelids. All of her eyelashes are concentrated on the corners of her eye and in the middle portion its non existent at all.

At first I was curious about it and start thinking could this be the latest fashion craze about eyelashes. Because I remember back in the 80's there was a fad in hair style where all the hair is concentrated only on the middle of the head and the sides are shaved like MR. T on the tv show THE A TEAM. But this nagging voice in my head couldnt stop and forced my mouth to ask the question " What happened to your eyelashes my friend? "

My friend Santi replied to me saying it was the parlor's fault. They use an old adhesive to attach her false eyelashes. What happened was her eyelashes become clumped and started sticking to one another. Instead giving the dramatic effect of a peacock they got intertwined to one another and whats worse they started pointing downward instead of the usual upward stroked look. The beautician probably is a novice and have some of the adhesive mixed with the lashes. Instead of going to the parlor my friend started plucking her eyelashes until all that is left are the one's on the side of her eyes because its too painful to pull out.

My friend complained also that instead of the regular human hair they use synthetic false eyelashes making everything much worse than it should be. I couldn't help but chuckle because it look so ridiculous. She told me that she would go back to the parlor and have them fixed the problem. I told her to run back to the parlor cause she look like the hairless wonder and everybody might give her a second look not because of awe.

After that fiasco with the parlor she always ask to the beautician to show her the materials being use for her eyelashes from the adhesive to the false eyelashes to ensure that she wont be the victim of the same predicament the 2nd time around.