Beauty Movie Review : Memoirs of a Geisha Last Part

Simultaneously while she is learning all this skills she is also enhancing her beauty. It seems a bit odd and funny seeing the old techniques in achieving beauty back then. One of which is applying this clown like face powder on the face. Its done simply to hide any imperfections that maybe present on the face. Another is the Charcoal sticks they are burning in candles just to have an eyebrow marker. The most outrageous is the hair straightening treatment. Out of a boiling pot there is this sticky concoction which is brushed on the hair. While the comb is being pulled away from the head the hair strands are being pitted on two small rolling pins.

Another thing that I have learned in the movie is geisha always wear elegant or elaborate wardrobe. Applying that concept in recent days, a sure fire way to catch people’s attention is to wear something catchy at the same time something that will fit to match you and enhance your appearance or your get up.

One time when I went to the office I wear this arm warmer’s that looks like dragon Tattoo when I put them on. I wear them with my tribal black shirt and a pair of jeans. The look was rugged and the arm warmers compliments the get up. People notice my arm warmers and by accident they start noticing me as well. HAHA I love the attention that was given to me by just wearing a piece of accessory that matches my Clothing Get up.

To conclude this beauty movie review I can say that Beauty is a good frontline for all kinds of endeavors. Beauty can only be enhanced further if you assist it with a TALENT and GOOD CLOTHING . TALENT and GOOD CLOTHING by its own right are things that could get attention. Geisha’s have all of the three things I mentioned that could AWE and WOW people. My advice for you gals and girls out there is try to achieve what a geisha do. And who knows you might be telling the story of GOOD MEMOIRS which could be your very OWN. :)

Beauty Movie Review : Memoirs of a Geisha Part 1

One of the films I have watched on DVD while staying home is this instant classic. It tells about the story of young fisherman’s daughter named Chiyo who is gifted with blue eyes. On how she and her sister was sold by their father to repay their debt. It involves also her quest on saving her sister from becoming a whore, and her struggle against a competing geisha. In her quest it involves mostly her endeavor for the one she truly loves. And the path she must take to be near him and have him forever. The path of course leads in becoming the most sought after Geisha in all Japan.

In the movie there are few compelling lines that get stuck in my head. Most of these are the conversations with Chiyo involving mostly her mentors. The following are the lines that put a shiver in my spine.

Chiyo : Mamahe when does a Geisha choose her daimyo,

Mamahe : Im afraid it’s the other way around. Focus on your studies Chiyo, Music the art of Conversation. On your Feet not Off them. That is the surest way to get a Daimyo. Remember Chiyo geisha’s are not courtesan and we are not wise we sell our skills not our bodies. We create another secret world. A place only of beauty. The very word are geisha means artist. And to be a geisha is to be judge a moving work of art. Agony and beauty for us live side by side. Your feet will suffer, your fingers will bleed. Even sitting and sleeping will be painful. You cannot call yourself a true geisha until you can stop a man in his tracks with a single look.

“A geisha needs an elegant wardrobe just like an artist needs ink.” - Lecture to Chiyo by Old House Maid

From the lectures of her mentors I have learned that Beauty in one way or another is a form of art, or if not beauty is best paired along with art. Of course like most things that is worth accomplishing Beauty is not a path of least resistance. Maybe I could assume that beauty is also a form of virtue.

Like what Chiyo experienced in the movie she studied a lot of skills like dancing and playing musical instruments. Its not enough for her to be beautiful. Beauty is just like good fa├žade of house to entice somebody to get in and to know you more. It acts as an invitation to come in or not. Now what will make the experience better is if that somebody who actually goes in, like what’s inside.

In the movie Chiyo displays an array of talent like acting and dancing. She also shows wit and charm in dealing with other people. There are dozen of other beautiful women but the one that becomes most outstanding is the most celebrated or most talented.

My Facial Experience

One of the most frequent things I indulge when going to malls is enjoying a pampering facial from a Spa or a Skin Clinic which can be easily located on the wellness lane.

There are different kinds of facials depending on your needs. There are the whitening facials which is good for people who wants to achieve that coveted rosy white glow. There are also collagen treatment which is perfect for smoothening your wrinkles. The list goes on and you could even add an additional service like eye relaxation treatment or an ear spa for a lesser cost since you avail one of their services.

But one thing I have experience on my treatments is the tedious and excruciating process. Yes Beauty has its benefits like increase self esteem and a head turning countenance unfortunately it goes side bye side with agony. Women I notice have no qualms about it, but for most guys I know have complaints about the painful process.

Most procedures goes like this when undergoing a facial. The first part was when they clean your face with a piece of cloth and applying all those astringents and soap to remove dirt and avoid infection. Second, the attendant will apply a cream on your face to soften your skin while under a facial steam. There is really nothing wrong with the first two steps it actually gives me a chance to doze off.

The Third part is the most important and at the same time the part I wish to skip but unfortunately a necessity for the process. The third step involves plucking the pimples, excavating the whiteheads, and blackheads. It may seems like nothing at first when they start on your forehead. The pain usually sinks in when they start removing the blackheads on your cheek area and goes over the top when they go to the nose area which is a beehive of the culprits.

This agonizing step takes about 30 minutes to finish and by the time they are through I feel that Christmas is in the air when I look in the Mirror. I could see Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer. (Argghh)

The Final Step is so far calming. They allow you to sleep for about 15 to 20 minutes while allowing your favorite facial mudpack to dry up. My suggestion is to go for the collagen treatment because it helps relax the wrinkles and by my experience the most relaxing of all the treatment.

Facials are really a must have treatment at least once or twice a month for skin maintenance. The best way to avoid experiencing that agonizing nose plucking is make sure you clean your face twice a day so the next time you schedule a facial there are less blackheads and pimples for them to mine.

Staying Beautiful at Coffee Shops

One of my regular habits is going from one Coffee Shop to another. I’m not really particular of the brand but as long me and my friends change location from time to time. In my visit on a new Coffee Shop in my area I notice the adds posted by the shop which says, LOW FAT, LOW CAL and beside the slogan is a picture of their ice blended drink. Beside their slogan are other slogans Implying we are healthier and we could make you beautiful.

Being the curious cat I called the attention of one of the Barista’s and asked him a question. “Hey if you don’t mind me asking how calories is their on one of your Ice Blended Drink?.” The Barista told me that a serving have an approximate 300 calories.

I immediately look at the calorie counter pamphlet which I got from the other coffee shop I frequently lounge. Hmmm for the same size they have 350 calories per servings. The barista told me also they use mostly low fat ingredients on their blends. I asked him to bring me a calorie counter pamphlet and he replied yes. I waited for him to get back but he never did. Its most likely they never have it or in most cases of coffee shops I knew they never give out the calories count of each of their drinks unless you ask it by product.

Although I love Ice blended drinks I would never recommend drinking it for people who have a goal to stay slim and healthy. It has high calories and the sugar content could spike your insulin out of proportion.

When an advertisement says Low Cal and Low Fat it doesn’t necessarily means they are healthy. In this case it suffice to say their calories and fat content are indeed lower compared to other brands.

Coffee Shops although most of their menu are unhealthy , do have healthy options to boot. For instance there are coffee shops I visited which have Soya milk for iced drinks and tetra packs. Some have these very good delicatessen sandwiches placed on rye and wheat bread. Other shops offer non fat and no sugar alternatives for some of their drinks. Other shops have an array of salads and juices.

Staying healthy is easy when going to coffee shops. Just be courteous enough to ask the barista’s for healthy options. But going healthy is usually more expensive. I tried the non fat versions of some hot drinks and they charge for like an additional 20 peso. Hahahaha I remember that famous line suddenly BEAUTY HAS A PRICE.

My usual pick when going to coffee shops is a big glass of Hot Green Tea and a set of Chicken Deli Sandwich on Rye Bread usually the low salt version. The protein in chicken is good source of protein for a beautiful physique . The Hot Green Tea, aside from obviously being fat free is good on spiking your metabolism to keep you slim.

Be Thrifty, Get Pretty Final Part

7. Reduce Convenience Store - Most of the time I go to convenience store and buy junk foods whenever I’m in a hurry. But foods there are no different from restaurants. I would advise you to lessen your trip to this place. Its not exactly cheap and the only perk it has is its 24 hours service. It would be better to go shopping to the supermarket in advance and plan your list to avoid buying out of budget. The extra money you save could be use to buy groceries (e.g. fruits & veggies) or beauty gadgets like (facial wash). We are not actually splurging but making sure you get the best value for your money at the same time getting the extra budget for your beauty enhancements.

8. Eat Less Meat & Carbs – Yes most of the people I know binge on meat & carbs in the form of junk foods (e.g. pizza, donuts, burgers). All of them are again calorie laden, more expensive, and not to mention add a lot of inches to your waistline. Every inch of belly better your chances of getting disease (e.g. diabetes, heart ailments). Its for the best you eat them occasionally or as a reward for a job well done in maintaining a fit body. The money you save guarantees less doctor bills, and a cache of savings.

9. Cut your own hair - I known this advice wont work for everybody but if you happen to know how to make your own Hair-Do to save trips to the parlor just to get a haircut by all means do it. Before my cousin’s cut my hair cause they have a knack for it. Most parlors now a days charge high for trims. If you could do it or have a relative help in shaping your tresses then beg for their help (hahaha)!! The money you save is already a budget for a hot oil service or maybe some highlights you’ve been long delaying to have because of financial constraint.

I hope this Budget tips help you to save money and gain more beauty in the process. You could use the extra cash to splurge on other beauty stuff or use it for emergency fund. Either way it’s a win win situation . You save money and in the process get beautiful!!!!

Be Thrifty, Get Pretty Part 2

4. Smoking - a lot of people deal with stress through smoking. I do know it’s a hard habit to break but with enough discipline I know some people have quit it. Smoking is a source of wrinkles, certain disease, and not to mention bad breath. If you could divert your stress and control your smoking the amount of money you save from it could be use to other stress relieving activities like enrolling in a yoga class or a body massage. Quitting smoking does have a lot of beauty perks.

5. Alcohol – Thank goodness I’m allergic to alcohols. I get a lot of rashes when I have regular servings of this food. Its another contributor to a widening tummy. Drinking liquor everyday is not very healthy as a matter of fact. Unless your drinking a glass of red wine after a meal this is a habit you should shun. Some people I know suffer from disorder of their kidney and liver when they hit their old age. Instead on spending your money buying liquor why not buy a health drink. There are a lot of alternatives out their which you could have to replace beer (e.g. milk, protein shakes, some wines). The replacement you buy could save you hospital bills in the future.

6. Eating out Less – I am fond of eating at Fast food chains and restaurants because they are far more accessible compared to regular home cook meals. But when I have computed the cost they are far more expensive compared when you prepare them. Most foods bought from food chains and restaurants have lots of preservatives, fried (a big no no for health fanatics), and calorie bombarded( e.g. dressings). If you are to prepare your food although it may be time consuming you would save a lot of money & you could buy healthier options. The money you save could be use to buy vitamin supplements or an outfit to flaunt your new body once you loose weight in preparing your own healthier meals.

Be thrifty, Get Pretty Part 1

One of the problem I encounter in this Journey in becoming an epitome of Beauty is that financial management. Sometimes I wonder if I would ever get all of my finances straight and still manage to beautiful. It’s a given fact that food along with the other beauty frivolities like facials and spas or toiletries requires you to set aside a certain amount of money to avail it.

In my effort to balance everything I have come up with a list to live by where you could be frugal and at the same become more prettier. I have actually followed them and all it requires is some discipline. The list goes as follows and I have to say its effective in helping me to achieve my goals.

1. Commuting to work – one of the expenses I have to shoulder on a day by day basis is transportation expense. And I have to say it does eat up a big portion of my budget. When my work place use to be like a 2 kilometers from our house, what I did is bought a bicycle and ride it to the office and when I get back home. It serves to be a morning exercise and a warm up going to the gym after work which is by the way another mile away from work. The amount of money I save from gas I use it to maintain my membership in the gym and sometimes I use it to buy my supplements like whey protein and multivitamin.

2. Drinking Water – when I work at the office I usually buy a lot of soda, fruit juices, coffee, and sometimes cold-blended drinks from the nearby coffee shop. In a way this liquids serve as a source of nourishment, expense, and extra calories. The amount of money you shell out is not big when you buy the food but if you save them on a daily basis it’s an enormous amount of money. Plus even if you buy the most healthy of the choice which is fruit juice it does you no good at all. Fruit juices are calorie laden drinks. A piece of apple have 50 calories only plus the fiber. Buying the fruit juice version have whooping 150 calorie count plus the fact most of the time it include sugar which is not a good ingredient. The best thing to do is drink water which virtually free, low in calorie, brimming with benefits, and don’t affect the budget. Instead of buying drinks save it up for any kind of pampering you could imagine.

3. No Sweets – I use to have this craving for various desserts like cakes, candies, and certain pastries after a meal. I got sugar crashes and gained an extra stomach (huhuhu). To satisfy my cravings I replace these sugar laden food and tried fruits. They are definitely more cheaper than cakes and healthier in comparing both their calorie and vitamin content. For the price of one cake I could buy two fruits which is very beneficial for weight loss and maintaining a supple skin.

Beauty New Year Resolution

Another year has past and still here we are wondering what happened. After every fireworks display we write down in a piece of paper all the things we dream of changing including career change, family issue's, and the most often beauty resolutions.

The problem with most resolution I suppose is they are too unrealistic. Or maybe if not the goal is so longshot that its almost impossible to aim for it. The best way to handle most problems is to break them down into short term goals. Do them on a daily basis until such time you develop a habit and eventually incorporate them to your busy lives.

Really we have to take time to be beautiful. Like what the Merovinger in the Matrix Movie said, "HOW COULD YOU HAVE TIME IF YOU DONT TAKE TIME."

I made few list of small goals you can do when it comes to beauty and eventually I hope you follow the next step to becoming more beautiful. Again the key is taking the baby steps and developing the habit. Just enough habit will suffice for it to sink in and become a routine. Think of it as something to be proud off when another year ends.

1. Diet - it cannot be more tedious than anything. A its hard to manage our meals obviously. One of the surefire way to lose weight is to eat more raw fiber like veggies and fruits.

Baby step : start eating a fruit or a vegetable in a day in the first week. Let it be your most favorite fruit. If you find its getting tedious replace it with another fiber rich food on the second week of your diet. Your goal is to have a piece of fiber to jumpstart your losing weight goal till its a habit eating the fruit or the veggie

Bigger Goal : after you get used on eating a fruit or veggie a day. Try adding another serving the week after. What we need to achieve is everytime you get the habit of eating a piece of fruit a day you add ann additional serving of fiber. Of course make sure their is variety. Lets say you only eat banana's , after a week or two add a cup of brocolli to your daily meals. Do this until such time you are already eating 8 to 10 servings of veggies and fruits a day. By the time you are used to the diet you could start limiting the red meat intake, the procedure wont be so hard a discipline cause its already a part of you.

2. Exercising - A lot of people dont find time of the day to incorporate something that would make them sweat a little. Just follow the pattern I set below and I'm sure you will force yourself to exercise

Baby Step : After you wake up try doing at least 5 minutes of simple exercise like bending, swaying your hips, or jogging in place. It maybe not enough to get you to sweat but the point is to stop you from becoming a complete potato couch even for a few moments of your life. Do an exercise routine that would not bore you. This way you continously exercise. The next week try thinking of another set of exercise but this time increase the frequency and add a bit more variety.

Bigger Goal : Week after week of exercising try adding 5 more minutes of your time after waking up or before going to bed to your exercise routine. Until such time you are already exercising for an hour a day. Make sure to involve yourself in an activity that you enjoy so you would keep on doing it. Our goal here is for you to sweat out till such time you crave for a more challenging sport or maybe enrol in a gym to hit a target of losing more weight. People who go for sport are mentally inclined to strive better in their chosen field.

3. Personal Hygiene - like my two previous example Im trying to develop a habit for you to enhance whatever asset you are endowed. But lets begin on the less endowed parts of your body lets say your feet.

Baby Steps : Plan on what are the basic needs of your feet if it doesnt look its best. To be hygienic it needs a good set of nail cutters so you could trim it regularlly to avoid dirt on getting inserted between the nails to cause a nauseating smell. Next week buy a bottle of foot powder to help it not to get sweaty. A week after that you could buy a big jar of footscrub tube so you could scrub the dead skin cells making the soles more fresh. The list goes on till your feet are pampered.

Bigger Goal : The goal is to at least do something good to one of your body part on a regular interval then move to another. After you succeeded in making your feet "kiss worthy for the lips" you could plan on adding other beauty goals for your face or for your tummy or whatever part of your body that needs helping. But be sure to start on the baby steps so you wont abandon the whole project. Just keep on adding other routine on top of the other and eventually before the year ends you could hardly recognize your old self :D


Staying Beautiful when attending Weddings

I have attended my brother's wedding last December 22, 2008 at one of the finest Reception Hall at Quezon City. And I have to say its one of the best experiences I had in my life. The food was great and everything was well planned. My friends and I manage to have some bloopers and get to have this wacky photo's . Darn that emcee who introduced me during the Entourage Parade saying "HERE COMES THE MOST HANDSOMEST OF THEM ALL OR IS HE?". Everybody was laughing loudly with the joke. Hmmm. I know I was bit on the chubby side suddenly I freaked out and went on diet. Thinking how silly I looked for him to joke like that.

I ate only the fish dishes . Good thing their is roasted salmon and tuna at the wedding which I dipped merrily with the lemon sauce. Not very satisfying though to think everybody stuffed themselves with lechon(roasted pork) and other gravy laden dishes. So instead I tasted a lil'bit of everything then I eat a big plate of fruits which I dipped only to a small chocolate sauce plate to counteract all the bad stuff.

My next stop is the Chocolate fountain. You may think that its unhealthy to eat chocolate be it white or dark, and weddings are no exceptions. Truth is dark chocolate are anti-oxidant so it's ok to do so. Hmmm the fondue infront of me is white so i just dipped a wafer stick in a spoon I scooped out of the white chocolate fountain. I manage to eat just a stick. It's better to eat in small portions than to go crazy not having it then later have cravings, leaving you hungry for more.

Hahaha!!! The Wedding Cake is so inviting really. I was wondering if its a debut I'm attending because its colored lavender and pink. I get to taste it as well but I waited till my brother take home some of its left over's. That way I will get to eat only the crumbs and some icing. Talk about damage control hahaha. I forgot to mention before the feast I eat only the appetizers containing tuna even if it contains mayonnaise. In eating something the best combo is protein and fiber. The worst is carbo and fat. You could interchange them like carbo and fiber, or fat and protein. Just make sure whatever you eat include something healthy in it.