Skin Type Questionnaire ( Sensitive Vs. Resistant )

This is the second part on determining your skin Category for my blog for the 16 types of skin. In this blog you will find out if you have Sensitive or Resistant to skin. It will determine if you have the probability to have pimples or reactions to certain stimuli. Again its crucial to answer it in all honesty so we could determine skin type do you belong on the 16 skin types.

1. Do you have red bumps on your face

a. Didn't happen
b. Sometimes
c. a monthly occurrence
d. you have one weekly

2. Skin care products which includes regular make up and cleaning products ( e.g. cleansers) can cause allergic reactions that leads to itching or create pimples.

a. Didn't happen
b. Sometimes
c. Regularly
d. Never use these products

3. Do you have acne or rosacea?

a. Never
b. My colleagues said I have it
c. Yup
d. A worst case of it
e. Uncertain

4. Do you get rashes when not wearing a 24 carat gold jewelry with your skin?

a. Unlikely
b. Sometimes
c. Regularly
d. Always
e. Unsure

5. You are allergic and feels itchy using sunscreens

a. Unlikely
b. Sometimes
c. Regularly
d. Always
e. Not a fan of Sunscreen

6. Do you have atopic dermatitis, eczema, or contact dermatitis?

a. Nope
b. Colleagues said I have it
c. Yup
d. A severe case
e. Unaware

7. Do you get rashes when wearing rings?

a. Unlikely
b. Sometimes
c. Regularly
d. Always
e. Dont like using rings

8. Fragrant bubble bath, massage oil or body lotions makes your skin itchy or feel dry

a. Unlikely
b. Sometimes
c. Regularly
d. Always
e. Never use these products

9. Do generic soaps from establishments like hotels pose as a problem when you use them?

a. Yup
b. Not really
c. It is a problem for me, makes me itchy
d. Wont use it cause I have a problem using them before
e. Havent tested because I have my own set of toiletries

10. Do you have a family history of eczema, atopic dermatitis, asthma or allergies?

a. None
b. Just one relative
c. A few relatives
d. Most of my relatives have them
e. Never checked them

11. What happens when you use scented laundry detergents?

a. Nothing
b. My skin feels dry
c. My skin feels itchy
d. I develop rashes that itchy
d Never use them

12. Do you develop red face and neck whenever you do light exercises or you are under some sort emotional stress when you are mad?

a. Unlikely
b. On some occassion
c. Regularly
d. A natural occurrence

13. Does your skin turn red after consuming alcoholic beverages?

a. Unlikely
b. On some occassion
c. Regularly
d. A natural occurrence
e. Dont drink alcohol

14. Does your skin turn red after consuming spicy foods or beverages?

a. Unlikely
b. On some occassion
c. Regularly
d. A natural occurrene
e. Dont eat spicy foods

15. Do you have visible broken blood vessels on your face?

a. Never have them
b. I counted 3 so far
c. I have somewhat four to 6 of them in my face
d. More than 6

16. In photo's do you look reddish?

a. Never noticed it
b. On some occassion
c. Regularly I am reddish on photo's
d. A natural occurrence

17. People are mistaken that you have sunburns even if you never been under the sun.

a. No one thinks that way about my skin
b. On rare occassion
c. Some people do and some people don't
d. No one believe I am not sunburned

18. Does your skin turn red or swells whenever you use cosmetics or whenever you use skin care products

a. Nothing happens
b. On some occassion it does
c. Regularly I have that but no always
d. I never use them because its a natural reaction of my skin

Scores for the result of the test is as follows

You get 1 point for all a answers, 2 point for all b answers, 3 points for c answers, 4 points for all d answer, and for all those e answers you get a 2.5.

Add plus 5 points to your score if you are diagnosed by your dermatologist to have acne, rosacea, contact dermatitis, or eczema.

If your points range between 34 - 72 you are indeed sensitive skin
If your points fall between 30 - 33 you are somehow sensitive
If your points fall between 25 - 29 you are somehow resistant
All score falling under 24 and below means you are resistant

Just follow my blog about this skin categories and you will find out what skin type do you belong from the 16 skin types. From these we will see the proper way to treat your skin on a personal level.

( Source : The Skin Type Solution by Dr. Leslie Baumann printed 2005)

How to sleep better for beauty and health sakes

With the job that I have working as a call center agent at night, having a peaceful sleep during the day is really a hard thing to achieve for me. Living in an extended family house together with a lot of househelp because we have our printing factory beside our house makes it more worst with the noise pollution. I always go to work half rested and not refreshed. Its both the effect of having a bad environment and bad time of sleeping. I have come up a list of solutions to get a proper shut eye be it day or night. The list is as follows.

1. Have a regular time for sleeping - your body clock plays an important role in falling asleep. I found out that even if I only have 4 hours of sleep my body wakes up at the same time of the day. So to get proper rest and to cope up with your body always make sure that you sleep at the same time of the day or night that covers enough hours for your body to recuperate.

2. Put heavy curtains and maintain a cool room - although it may sound as luxury an airconditioned room with heavy drapes or curtains seem functional for me to block of the noise coming from the outside and the airconditioned room sets the mood as the same as night time. If not possible just make sure you sleep in the most quite room in the house that is well ventilated.

3. Never eat an hour before sleeping - a rule of thumb not to disrupt your stomach that will keep you awake while digesting the most recently ingested food. Dont eat a full meal before going to bed as much as possible eat a light meal with milk which help induce sleep. Drink a big full warm glass of milk it will speed up your shut eye or a cup of warm valerian tea to calm your nerves. Valerian tea is known as a tranquilizer and sleep aid for more than a 1000 years in England. Its effects is comparable with Valium

4. Never put the television in the room - or for that matter dont put any hobby or interesting activity that might rouse your interest not to go to sleep immediately while inside your room.

5. Have some light exercise - do some stretching before sleeping to relax you more and prepare you for resting. The only intense exercise allowable before sleeping though is SEX. hahaah yess its a perk to have it before sleeping with your partner or anybody who could provide it safely for you. It is known to burn 200 calories and its the only known exercise safe enough after a heart surgery.

This are the things I have adopted to get a proper shut eye and recover all the lost beauty from being awake at night Of course you could amplify it by putting some night cream on your face and never sleep on a dirty body to maintain supple skin.

Watermelon Nails

I was visiting the modeling agency where I work the other day. We have our usual weekly sessions with our boss regarding the latest updates on our gigs. One of the things I noticed is the color of the nails of our teenage models that is kind of flashy and cute. I was wondering what sort of design is it and then I figure out its a watermelon.

The design really is cute specially if you are planning to be trendy and stylish with a certain unique flare. I ask the girls if they have it done in a parlor or a nail salon, and they told me they did themselves and all it really require is a set of diffirent nail colors and some styling equipment.

I got the list of mateials you will need if ever you want to try the cute design for yourself at home. The following are the things you will have to prepare. You could go for any brand as long that it suits your preference or budget for that matter.

1 top coat or a nail strengthener
1 soda pink nail polish
1 pearly white nail polish
1 light green glow nail polish
1 emerald green nail polish
1 black nail polish
1 old eyeliner brush
1 toothpick

The link for the tutorial on how to do it step by step using the materials I enumerated above is .

Just remember if you are going to wear this design you are not wearing it in a formal business meeting because it looks kinda informal. Of course it would be better to have this design to boot with a red dress or any casual or trendy clothing. Most nail spa's or nail salon I know can do this design too, so if you rather have a professinal do it for you that is an option as well.

Skin Type Questionnaire (Oily Vs. Dry)

In my previous blog I have promise to post the 16 skin types but before that you must answer this 4 part questionnaire formulated by Dr. Baumann for you to better understand the category of your skin. Just be sure you answer it in full honesty to ensure you get the correct skin category. This will determine greatly on which of the 16 skin types you actually belong and it will help you treat and care for it.

As a teaser though the skin types are actually a mixture of several skin conditions so you must determine what are the categories you are in to know exactly how to make it beautiful.

1. After washing your face don't put any other products on it. Observe it under the mirror on a bright room. How does forehead and cheeks look like after two hours.

a. Rough
b. Tight
c. Hydrated no light reflecting
d. Shiny reflecting the bright light

2. In pictures, do you look shiny:

a. It didnt happen to me
b. Ok on some occasion
c. Regularly I do
d. Always

3. After putting on foundation for three hours with no powder how does your make up looks like

a. cakey with wrinkles
b. Smooth
c. Shiny
d. Streaked and shiny
e. I do not wear facial foundations

4. If you are in a low-humidity area wearing neither moisturizer or sunscreen how does your facial skin react.

a. Feels dry
b. Feels tight
c. Normal
d. Didn't feel the need for moisturizer
e. No Idea

5. Count the number of large pores you have the size of pin's end. How many can you see?

a. Dont exist at all
b. Some visibile at T-zone
c. Abundant
d. I lost count of the numbers

6. How do you describe your facial skin :

a. Dry
b. Normal
c. Combination
d. Oily

7. When you use soap that suds, bubbles, and foams vigorously, your facial skin:

a. Dry (this is your answer if you don't use soap because dryness is a side effect)
b. Feels like its dry but no signs of cracking
c. Just normal
d. Seems shiny

8. When not wearing moisturizer on your face , Does it feel tight?

a. All the time
b. On some occasion
c. Rarely
d. Not at all

9. Do you have blackheads or whiteheads?

a. Non existent on your face
b. Hardly have them
c. A few at times exist
d. Yes Plenty

10. Are you oily on the T-Zone?

a. Not a all
b. Sometimes
c. Frequent
d. Always

11. Two to three hours after putting on moisturizer your cheeks looks like?

a. Roughness abound
b. Smooth
c. Slightly shiny
d. Shiny and slick

Scores are as follow

a answer = 1 point
b answer = 2 points
c answer = 3 points
d answer = 4 points

Count your points and see what category do you belong below?

Total points ranging from 34 to 44 equates to very oily skin
Total points ranging from 27 to 33 equates to slightly oily skin
Total points ranging from 17 to 26 equates to slightly dry skin
Total points ranging from 11 to 16 equates to dry skin

After trying the questionnaire myself, the score equals slightly oily skin. Hmmm but that alone wont guarantee that I should start using oily skin products. In my next blog watch out for the next questionnaire about sub category of skin type, we will determine if your skin is sensitive or resistant, so stay glued.

(Source: The Skin Type Solution, a book by Dr. Leslie Baumann M.D.)

Body Shop Lip and Cheek Stain

This day was supposed to be my first post about the sixteen skin types but I was having a problem with my computer lately and lost the data. But I promise to post it anytime this week.
Anyways let me share you this beauty product that I swear I have used and was satisfied with the results. Its The Body Shop Lip and Cheek Stain. Its a dual cosmetic that acts as a semi lipstick and a blush on. This is so handy for people like us who are on the go and saves a lot of space and money.
If you plan to never put a heavy lipstick but just want a tint of red on your lips then this is for you. It will put a faint color of red on your lips and then you could just top it with your regular lip balm or lip gloss to add some shimmer then instant simple lipstick.
Another purpose of this product is if you want a blush on that stays long like 8 hours. I swear this product stays like forever unless you plan to stay out and sweat generously from a sports activity it will fade from your skin. You just have to apply a generous amount on your cheeks until the desired blush is achieved then top it with our regular face powder to eliminate the shine on your face.
This product cost around P700.00 at the store but it will save you from buying lipstick and blush on. It will give you that simple posh look. It comes with two shade bronze glimmer and rose pink. You can choose from the two shades whichever match your skin tone best. It contains Panthenol and Glycerin, two ingredients that contributes well to hydration which is great since lips dont have sweat glands to moisten it.

The Different Skin Type (Introduction)

One of the things that I have in constant struggle during my teenager years is my skin. Although pimples are not a regular resident at my face I do have warts and some skin discoloration as a main stay so I frequently freak out because those stuffs can only be cured by a professional dermatologist via special treatment. From time to time my skin have reacted differently on the climate. During cold windy days my hands are chapping and dry, and during the hot days it frequently oily. I would have to say its reacting to rejuvenate itself from different climatic conditions but I am not sure what kind of skin type I possess.

Their is the common knowledge that their are only four skin type which is oily, dry, sensitive, and normal. I have come up with this book from a famous dermatologist Ms. Leslie Baumann and found out that their are actually sixteen skin types. All skin types should be treated specially and specifically dependent on the type otherwise all your efforts would be in vain to beautify it.

In my succeeding weekly articles I will divulge all this skin types and the treatments that you will need to take care of your skin. Also I will post some questionnaires here so you may know what are things you must take note so you will know what skin type you are in to give your skin the right attention.

This coming sunday I will post the first skin type so their will be something for you to keep glued on this series of articles on skin categorizing.

My tip for the day though is keep eating fresh vegetables and fruits on a daily basis and avoid red meat. My friend who got a serious case of acne said that for two months he avoided that meat and consume a lot of greens. He regulate his carb intake to only organic and the result did astonish him. Eight weeks later there is less outbreaks and lesser pimples too and he did gain more suppleness. He swear to me that this diet help him regarding his skin predicament and would recommend it to be followed as daily routine for everybody.

how to freshen up your looks when going on vacation

One of my auntie who is frequently stressed because of financial problems and other stuff recently told me her secret for beauty and longevity. My auntie frequently visits my uncle abroad in the Palau Islands. She usually stays their for a month or two so that my uncle wont get homesick so much. I notice that everytime she goes back my auntie looks like 5 years younger and her skin is supple. She has this fresh aura despite the problems that she has. I asked her what is she doin their on the islands that freshen her up.

One of the thing she usually do a lot since she doesnt get do a lot of activity is sleep a lot and sleep early. She told me she sleep most of the time in the afternoon while waiting for her husband and during the night she sleeps as early as 10pm since the only thing around them are crickets and trees. Everybody knows that sleep is indeed rejuvenating for all individuals and the fact that she getting it a lot and on good quality that contributes much to her looking young.

Every morning my auntie and uncle goes for a morning jog for about an hour together with their other friends as a exercise and recreational activity as well. This is one of the bonding moments that she has with her amigas. They usually do some calisthenics and tai chi for more flexibility. Their is no denying exercise release a feel good hormone called endorphins to make one feel good about themselves which improves the aura and over all well being of an individual.

My auntie also regularly shop for fresh veggies and fruits and steam them. Since my uncle is always on the go and he is also suffering from a heart ailment my auntie usually prepare healthy meals. Vegetables and fruits that are prepared as simple as possible gets to retain most of their nutrient. My auntie gets the full benefits of her food since steaming dont remove much of the nutritional content of food.

The climate in the Palau Islands is also cold and their are a lot of trees that contributes to the good climate. It rains everyday specially during the afternoon. Since the area is pollution free my auntie gets to inhale only fresh air the whole time. We all know that Pollution contributes also to the premature aging of people and adds to the regular stress they are suffering.

One last thing she secretly told me and I hope she wont kill me for divulging it is that she regularly have sex with my uncle. Not for being pervert and all but since they are the only two people in the house with no one to disturb them they get to engage a lot of it. Sex is known to boost an individuals blood circulation and regularity will aid you calorie loss as well a feel good mood which greatly release stress and immensely improve once's aura.

My auntie visit's my uncle twice a year everytime she gets stressed from all the problems with her household in the Philippines. And everytime she did that she came back as if she is a totally new person. So for you gals out their I would recommend to copy this system and its a proven technique to beautify and rejuvenate while having a vacation. Have fun ehhehehe