Oil of Olay Total Effects

I usually have luncheon get together with my friends during the weekends. We usually have this peptalk on things and stuff on what happen during the week. Then I notice my friend carrying a bag of his usual toiletries.

Being nosy while he is in the Comfort Room I peaked on the content of the bag. And their I found this fat tube container with black cover. The label says OIL OF OLAY TOTAL EFFECTS.

Stops the 7 signs of aging!!!! (Fine lines, wrinkles, Uneven skin tone, Age Spots, Dryness, Dullness, & Enlarged Pores)

I almost laugh at the paper literature with the product.

After he came back from the comfort room I take a really good look at his face to see any changes. Well yeah his skin is becoming more lighter and less dull. Another thing I noticed is that his facial lines are less visible than usual.

I confronted him about the product and he smiled to me saying he has used it for about a month now.

The bottle is priced for about like 900 Philippine Pesos. And for this measely price it does bring results. I will buy a bottle of this product after lunch too. I recalled few weeks ago that a customer of ours in the office use this product too and his skin is indeed getting better.

Funny thing is my friend and the customer in our office are both guys and they are getting really good results. This product is unisex I presume since most of the models in the adds are girls.

Watch out!!! He hehe I will use this product and see the results after a month :)

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Final Part

While I was waiting for the Nurse attendant preparing the treatment I read on the Tarpaulin which says - WHO CAN BENEFIT MOST ON OXYGEN THERAPY. The list is as follows

* Smokers - the chemical in cigars are known to inhibit oxygen use and constrict blood cells, thereby hindering their ability to transport oxygen throughout the body

* Drinkers - alcohol cuts off the supply of oxygen to the brain and damages the liver by constricting blood vessels and reducing the delivery of oxygen to liver cells. Improve hangover condition

* Baby Boomers - once you pass 40 sufficient oxygen supply to the blood and tissue become more important in order to promote healing and counter aging.

* Athletes - maximize body ability to built muscle, increase energy, stamina, and endurance. Improves muscle stiffness and support pro-athletic performance.

* Dieters - Gives your body the blood and tissue oxygen saturation it needs to make any fat burning diet or exercise program work efficiently. When oxygen is scarce carb burns more than fat.

Whoa well! well! That is a lot of benefit I suppose and even people who dont belong to this list can benefit as well. After reading the tarpaulin the nurse called me in a room and led me to a reclining chair.

Their is a mechanical box with plastic oxygen tubes on it. I sit on the reclining chair and the nurse insert the oxygen tubes on my nose. At first I was drowned from the sudden oxygen intake so I asked the nurse to lower the oxygen pump. When I was lying comfortably the nurse leave me for 30 minutes in the quite room.

After the time frame the nurse come in and wake me up. I actually dozed off ahahahha. I ask the nurse about the tubular chamber lying beside me and said its an oxygen therapy machine as well only this time I could actually sleep and I will be using a gas mask for more oxygen intake.

Hmmm I stepped out of the oxygen salon and feel a little bit refreshed. My senses seem to be a little more high cause I can smell all sorts of stuff in the mall since for the last 30 minutes all I am breathing is pure oxygen. I feel also that Im a bit more sharper than usual.

I guess this oxygen therapy work and can do wonders once it is a regular regimen or procedure. I will definitely return for more dives and I will try the oxygen chamber for my self (grins).

Honey Body Polish

I woke up one Sunday afternoon anticipating a dinner get together with my friends in the evening. I was hoping to look my best and start wondering what other ways to groom to feel super.

I put my clothes on and went to the mall early enough and start looking around for parlor to groom my hair or facial spa to have my face clean. All of a sudden I saw this expensive Body Spa. A customer opened the door and a scent of the wonderful eucalyptus aroma started to give me a high spirit. ( hmmm something new)

I went inside the spa and look what the menu has to offer. Their are an array of facials and massages which are the usual. Then there are body scrubs and nail treatments. The body scrub seems promising because its a whole body treat, so I started paying for the service.

An attendant guided me to a private room with a big bath tub and a shower room where I only see on movies. Huwawwwww talking about total luxury. The price I pay is worth it. Then the attendant told me to take a warm bath on the tub with warm water. She put some essential oils and rose petals on the tub. I basked in this new experience and I was happy with my choice.

After getting wrinkled feet for 20 minutes of bathing , the attendant told me to go to the steam room or in the shower . And their I stayed for almost 10 to 15 minutes while she prepare this large flat bed in the middle of the room.

After the steam bath treatment, I lay flat on my face on the bed and the lady started putting this strange herbs on my body. At first I love it so much because the scent lingers on my nose. Then she put this sticky liquid which I presume is honey. (Pssst honey is known to contain a lot vitamins specially B-vitamins perfect for destressing and detoxyfying). The massage is a bit uncomfortable because the sticky finger my masseurs has cause a bit of a friction.

Then their it is the unexpected torture. She started rubbing vigorously this coarse sea salt on my skin. Arghhhhh I feel newly carved wooden statue being smoothen by sand paper. The worst part of it even if I told her to lessen the rubbing it still is excruciating. I guess its done that way to slough away dead skin cells and salt are known as disinfectant for the skin.

Finally its over. The lady pour milk over my body and massage it for a few more minutes. After that I started taking a bath again on the steam room. I went straight to the dinner I was late because didnt anticipated its gonna be that long.

My friends gasp at my fresh and gleaming skin. They said the usual dull and drawn gray skin I have have lighten up. I was really happy of the praises. But Im hardly happy of that scrubbing session. Well I guess I will be just scheduling this treatment once a month. Hehehe for beauty and sanity's sake. (hehehehe)

Negative Calorie Foods for effortless fat burning

When I was a much younger boy, I was very fond of eating for vanity. I really love eating vegetables and fruits on a daily basis and I would actually gorge on them. I was very skinny back then and the reason why I eat a lot of veggies and fruits together with my regular meals is to put in some pounds to gain mass.

With that eating habit I never gain a single kilo. I was beginning to wonder is my metabolism that fast because I'm young ( really I eat 5 to 6 meals a day together with the fruits) or at a worst scenario, I may have worms ( arghhh!!!! ). Not really a very good picture I suppose. So I started drinking radish juice ( a known dewormer veggie) on top of my regular fruit and veggies diet. Still no worms coming out. Later on I started drinking combantrin ( a local medication for deworming people). And still no worm.

Then I told my dilemma to a friend of mine and my eating habits. She told me that I'm getting so much veggies and fruits that the fiber and calorie burning activity is keeping me from gaining weight. ( huwatttt!!! this cant be true?)

She told me some of the fruits and veggies im consuming are negative calorie foods. They tend to burn more calories from my body when digested than what they actually contribute. For example the celery Im eating two times a day contributes only 10 calories. But it actually burns 300 calories of my daily consumption. And even if I eat additional servings of fat laden food because I am really full from the fiber it wont help at all.

Hahaha so Im actually losing than gaining. Although I have to say I really like the countenance the fruits and veggies bring to me. My skin seems to be a lot fresh, supple and firm. The fiber make sure also that my abs are more flatter and I could eat till I drop and still gain nothing.

The following are the negative calorie foods list of fruits and vegetables that I used to eat in variety . I eat 5 servings of veggies and 5 of the fruits. Negative Calorie Vegetables are Asparagus, Beet Root, Broccoli, Cabbage, CarrotCauliflower, Celery, Chicory, Hot Chili, Cucumber, Garden cress, GarlicGreen Beans, Lettuce, Onion, Radish, Spinach, Turnip, & Zucchini.

Negative Calorie Fruits that has the same effect with their vegetable counterparts are Apple, Blueberries, Cantaloupe, Cranberry, Grapefruit, Honeydew, Lemon, Lime, Mango, Orange, Papaya, Peach, Pineapple, Raspberry, Strawberry, Tomato, Tangerine, Turnip, and Watermelon.

Their is also a study that I have read that if you are religious enough on eating this diet you may lose a total of 20 pounds in 3 weeks time. Whoa!!! Hmmm I think I will go back to this old habit of mine. I have accumulated large girth because I stopped this diet back in college. I can already see my abs rematerializing again from the blubber I have gained over the years Yahoooooo!!!!

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Third Part

This is the Final part of the Oxygen Therapy series I have encountered and I will divulge on what can benefited from the said treatment.

After bumming around the oxygen parlor I asked the attendant if their is some sort of literature I can read on what are the detailed benefits of the treatment. She hand me out a piece of paper and I started reading on the perks. The benefits are enumerated as follow:

* Feel better - increase your oxygen level. Promotes healing and counters aging

* More energy - 10% energy comes from water & food, 90% energy comes from oxygen (surprising revelation again)

* Better Sleep - Lessen chronic fatigue syndrome for improved sleeping patterns.

* Natural Pain Relief - Natural remedy from migraines, headaches, and hangovers

* Less Sickness - Strengthens immune system

* Mental Clarity - Heightens concentration, alertness, & memory

* Emotional Well Being - Calms your mind and stabilize nervous system.

* Natural Antibiotic - Kills Infectious bacteria, virus, fungi, parasites, without harming beneficial microorganisms vital to the immune system

* Supplement booster - enhances your body intake of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins, & other essential nutrients. From either natural food sources or from dietary supplements.

* cleanses system - Gives your body the added oxygen it needs to oxidize and eliminate built up toxins and poisons.

* Faster recovery - From Injury, Stress, or strenuous exercises. Improves muscle stiffness

Whew thats a load of benefit from these concentrated oxygen. I asked the lady that I want to try the lounge treatment and experience its first hand. The lady went inside to prepare the area for my treatment. While I wait I look around the store and found another literature printed in tarpaulin that says WHO CAN BENEFIT MOST FROM OXYGEN THERAPY.

My goodness their is more ahhaha. Well well its seem like this is not the final part of our series. Join me again please on the final stage of this experience. I will tell you all about the oxygen therapy at the lounge and then reveal WHO CAN BENEFIT MOST FROM THE OXYGEN THERAPY. Till next issue :D

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Part 2

This is the 2nd part of my new discovery about Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy most commonly known in acronym as (HBOT). In my last journey I was already inside the parlor and about to engage the attendant about the treatment.

I was welcomed politely by the nurse ask how can she help me. I ask her what’s the treatment all about and what’s the use of this treatment since oxygen is so abundant what need is their for such a treatment.

The attendant said that due to recent pollution we are experiencing in the environment we are inhaling only 21% oxygen in the atmosphere. If I where to submerge myself in one of their chambers or lounge I would be able to inhale 95% pure oxygen.

I was shock for awhile to find out that our atmosphere is that putrid already. So most of the air I breath when I am walking in the street of the city are just plain smog and air borne chemicals. Hmmm what a revelation, the next thing I ask is how much is the treatment and what are the health benefits I would get from it.

The lady told me that treatment starts at P190 per 30 minutes and your are required to dive(the term use for the treatment) for at least 2 sessions in a week. Alright its like having a facial mask treatment. This treatment however is for normal individuals only.

Should I have ailments like diabetes, heart disease, or certain injuries that I am recovering from the dives are more than twice a week. Its like 5 or more depending on the ailment. They do have a package for certain number of dives so that you could pay less as a regular client. (not bad) Prices are available upon request on the store.

They have this regular lounge where you could get the fresh air while you sit and talk in a sofa and there is this tubular chamber where you lie inside for further concentration and relaxation of the treatment (not to mention a little more pricey but its worth it).

(Watch out for the final part of my blog as I expound further on who can benefit from this innovative beauty treatment)

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Part 1

While I was having one of my mall tours on a Sunday afternoon I was passing by the wellness area of this famous mall in alabang to be more exact Festival Mall. I was looking on the newly opened stores their wellness and most of the stores I have seen are nothing new like the regular parlors, facial store, dental, and dermatology clinics. I was about to leave the vicinity when something very special catch my attention.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT). Whoa!! What does that mean? Out of curiosity I started reading the articles about the benefits it has given to some of the most famous stars in Hollywood.

First stop is Mr. Keanu Reeves. He is getting HBOT treatment in Beverly Hills to relieve his insomnia. (hmmm ok it aids sleeping)

Second is Madonna. Like fine wine one of the regular beauty treatment she indulge is this treatment (Gasp is this for real its good for beauty too?)

Third is Sylvester Stallone. He is back in the ring as Rocky. His secret in getting back in shape is spending a couple of nights in a hyperbaric chamber to get back his oxygen and to quickly repair from his injuries ( Huwattt its good for exercising as well!!!)

Im about to stepped inside the Oxygen Parlor then I read the final star trivia ,

MICHAEL JACKSON claimed in the 80’s that Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy (HBOT) would help him to live up to be 150 years. (My goodness it’s a key to longevity as well)

If that is not empowering enough I don’t know what will. So I went inside the Parlor and ask on how much this new treatment is and ask a few question myself.

I waited for the attendant which seems like a nurse to come out from her station and it seems like she is giving a treatment to a patient. (Not bad I suppose to think nurses handle the procedure).

Watch out for the part two of this article as I discuss further my inquiries about these procedure.

Stair Climbing For Weight Loss

In my quest for a greater pay, I worked nightshifts for a call center which usually gives almost twice as much the salary compared to regular day jobs. My shift usually starts around 10:00 to 11:00 at night and ends by early morning.

Most of the time I just sit and make calls. Sometimes I would go to meetings and attend call calibrations or seminars with regards to my department.

Because of these, my hormones started fluctuating and I developed food cravings at night. Of course, my eating pattern also turned upside down. My breakfast starts at 7:00PM, lunch at 2:00AM and dinner is served before I go home at 6:00 in the morning.

It's a given fact that our bodies have low metabolic rates during the night because it's the time when it supposedly repairs itself. For this same reason is my body having a hard time digesting.

As a result, I gained weight and in addition, I became a bit more sedentary because I'm tired most of the time.

OMG!!! I have to find a way to stop my girth explosion!

Due to time constraints, I find it hard to have a descent schedule to workout or exercise. But that doesn't stop me from finding resources to halt my advancing weight.

One of the things I noticed in my office is that we have plenty of stairs and elevators. I remembered one time when I walked from the basement up to the 5th floor because the elevator broke down. I was catching my breath and had a little sweat. This lead me to research about the advantages of climbing stairs.

Stair climbing is actually major calorie burner. Stair climbing for 15 to 20 minutes will make you lose 140 calories or more depending on the intensity. Not bad especially if you like running errands at the office. And since this is an activity that involves mostly your lower body, it's a great way to tone your butt and thighs.

Thus, now, I use the stairs most of the time to go to my office floor - which by a happy coincidence is the topmost floor in our building!

Although this is not enough to lose my gut, it is however a great aid in losing weight specially when you are at the workplace.

Watch out for my article next week on exercises you can do while in the office. I'm sure it would help you a lot to maintain that lovely figure even if you are at your work place.