Last May 9, 2009 I attended the iblog 5 convention held at the UP College of Law in Quezon City in the Malcom Theatre. A yearly Philippine Blogging Summit where new and old bloggers attend to exchange ideas, socialize, and learn new things on how to improve their blog and what kind of stuff they can include in their blog to make it more worth reading or to put more value in its content. It was my first time to attend a blogger's convention. I expected that I will meet geeks and nerds in this convention since the only people I know who are fond of writing and expressing their thoughts belong to this archetype. But I was bummed to see their are also a lot of fabulous people who attend this kind of stuff. The first one that caught my attention is Winston. This cute kid from Davao writes a blog about travel and must haves. His blog is named Batang Yagit. I was mislead by the title of the blog and the content because it means a poor kid. The blog is about his personal travels from here and abroad. How ironic that this poor kid travels a lot . He is the winner for the People Choice Award for Bloggers.
The second person who caught my attention is Kring Elezano. She is this sassy cute girl who is also the speaker about video blogging. She has a personal blog Funny Sexy which is all about the humorous and sexy life of this urban girl. I did enjoy her latest video blog which is something like walking with a pink winter coat on in the streets of manila with fast cars. Talking about absolutely funny because she did that while striding like a model for all bystanders to see in the middle of a hot day. Hahaha its so hilarious and its all in the name of challenge from one of her friends abroad.

The third fab person I get to mingle with is Jayvee Fernandez. He has this blog about the media industry in the Philippine. The blogs name by the way is A Bugged Life. His blog discuss about all this new techy stuff available and make the most out of this things. He also writes for Uno magazine. A girl mag featuring sultry ladies with Vaboom bodies. Clearly this guy has an eye for beauty too. He is also a speaker which tackles on Blog Marketing and & Strategies in the Philippines. Simply put he has a big range of interest to boot with the debonaire look.

I have to say this recently concluded IBLOG SUMMIT is one of the most enlightening experience for me. I get to learn new things about how to put more value on myblog like doing it on my celphone, or a simple picture will have the same effect as text and the words to describe it are nothing more than embelishments. The people i've met are just fascinating and they do justice to the words BEAUTY with BRAINS. Clearly one of the best way to put premium to beauty is pairing it with brains.

I'm back for beauty!!!!

I'm back ahahah finally from a long time of absence from my blog I've resurrected from my long slumber. Its not like I'm having a beauty rest but I have to fix some things that needs repairing in my life.

I'm sorry I haven't written for a long time rest a assured I will keep you glued for my upcoming blogs. This time beside from my own experience I will also write about time tested tips coming from people who value beauty as a premium.

Yes tips that will come from Models, Doctors, Make up artist, and all people who believe in beauty as a virtue. You will hear their opinion on what makes a person beautiful from the inside out.

I will also write about some unconventional techniques and some FYI's about getting beautiful. Stuff's you never heard off and think that would contribute to your over all well being never before seen on reading materials about beauty, fashion, and everything related to it.

So keep posted and glued and you will keep on coming back for more life transforming information.