How to know if you are Lacking Sleep

One of the things that you must do regularly to be beautiful is having enough sleep during the night. Enough sleep does not mean you are getting it only through quantity but also the quality of that slumber count.

I for one believe that I was getting enough sleep because usually make up for the lost sleep I have on some days I over work. Until I felt sometimes I easily get sick and my eyes diminish in luster. I asked my doctor friend how to determne if I was actually lacking sleep. He said I could identify the shortage through the following signs.

1. You actually need an alarm clock to wake up on the correct time.

2. Its hard to pull you out of bed in the morning.

3. You repeatedly hit the snooze button of the alarm clock to get more sleep.

4. You constantly feel tired, irate, and stressed during weekdays

5. Its hard to concentrate and remember things

6. Having a hard time being creative, analyze things, and solve problems

7. Falling asleep while watching the tube

8. Falling asleep while in meetings, lectures, or in a warm room.

9. Feeling asleep after meals or after gulping a small amount of alcohol

10. Actually falling asleep after dinner

11. You doze off five minutes after hitting bed

12. Drowsy when driving

13. Sleeping extra hours on weekends

14. Needing naps during the day

15. Having dark circles around the eyes like a racoon.

The doctor told me if I am experiencing at least 3 of this symptoms I actually lack proper rest and sleep. He said that I must rest completely and never neglect that. If you compromise this very important thing it might affect not only your beauty for having dull skin and tired eyes but your general health. Sleep is the only way your body recuperate from all the stress it encountered during the day. Some disease are actually incurred for having lack of rest.

So from now on I will use the checklist above to see if I need a dose of ZZZZZSSSSS and improve my beauty and overall health altogether.