Smile and be Beautiful

People smile for a lot of reason. Some of them maybe smiling because of a positive event in their lives or a simple gesture to return the favor to someone who just gave it to them. But whatever the purpose is their are actually three kind of smile in which you could actually project to be deemed beautiful and picturesque at the same time. I have the enumerated the famous one's and these smiles are not really categorized according to gender but to the loveliness you would illuminate for yourself if you could show them sincerely and of course with a complete set of teeth and smooth lips.

Smile # 1 Monalisa

Of course her smile is the most classic and timeless of all and some people even think that she is not actually smiling but grimacing from pain. But regardless on what she is actually feeling, if you could project this smile so simple yet beautiful its better to do it all the time to save you the wrinkles from frowning.

Smile # 2 Beauty Queen Smile

Now this is the smile we usually see on yearbooks . Its a smile that shows confidence with eyes that flash with sincerity. The aura of positivity and brightness is present. If you want a smile that draws attention then you must learn to practice this.

Smile # 3 Cheerleader Smile

Now this smile is trying to say that you are vibrant and brimming with life. It also inspire confidence like the beauty queen smile but its a bit more candid than the second one. For those moments you feel like smiling and you want to show the world that you know what funny really means this is the way to show it.

Of course we dont want to inspire stereotypes on how people should smile but these types of smiles are the popular picks. You could just pick any of the smile and project it depending on your mood. But if you have a signature smile that launch a thousand ship already then by all means practice. After all these three kind's of smiles that I just pointed out could be an additional arsenal for your bag of tricks for beauty. Just remember to keep your pearly whites shiny and those puckers soft and moist to boot. :)

To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything Julie Newmar

While I was scanning my favorite cd rack I came across this old funny movie called “To Wong Foo, thanks for everything Julie Newmar. This comedy is the story of three Drag Queens namely Vida Boheme, Noxeema Jackson, and Chichi Rodriguez. Their story started when Vida and Noxeema win the Drag Queen title in New York and decided to take a young prodigy Chichi who was down and out of her luck to the Drag Queen of America Pageant. All sort of misadventures and Glamour was encountered by the trio as they start their cross country tour to Lala Land California where the contest would be held.

Then it cross my mind and wonder why do this Drag Queens although eccentric and beautiful at the same time get to attract peoples attention. What are their fine attributes that make them click which maybe useful in achieving beauty.

As we know it Drag Queens put lavish make up and clothings with statement for the purpose of entertaining people through satirical expression of culture that trend towards glamor and extravagant fashion and make up. With the obvious intention also to flaunt its hard not to get notice by the public and be viewed as beautiful. But the movie about Drag Queens teach us lessons which I believed will make a person really beautiful inside out . The following are the enumeration and my personal interpretation of what they mean.


In the movie Vida and Noxeema teach their prodigy Chichi to think good thoughts while she recite a prayer for help in achieving real beauty. In reality and true enough to my observation most beautiful people I know who has a claim to fame for being a bitch or an a**hole don’t look beautiful in the long run when you get to know them. Beauty is good but we need also the right attitude to handle it. No amount of make up can cover up for a bad reputation. So I say beauty is good to boot with a beautiful mind.


In the movie Vida and Noxeema try to stop Chichi from entering a hotel from fear of prejudice, which in the later part of the movie makes Vida commend Chichi for being bold and smart in handling the situation. In applying Lesson #2, for me I think Ignoring Adversity is more on not comparing yourself with people who look better than you or who think less of you. Of course these people will tend to dampen your spirit which is not very good to begin any endeavor of changing yourself. Beauty is different for every individual and as they say it “Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder”. So if you want to feel beautiful you have to feel good about yourself and if find yourself comparing it to others think of beauty as Diamonds. For like Diamonds , no two Diamonds are alike.


In the movie Chichi was commended by his mentors for letting go of his Country Boy love Bobby Ray to give way for a girl Bobby Lee. She did it because she don’t want to mislead Bobby Ray who believes he is a girl. I have to say that Chichi did it to feel good about herself by being selfless and unselfish. You wont feel beautiful at all if you mislead somebody or cheat someone intentionally. Think about the constant conscience encounter. If you don’t feel good about yourself , you cant begin to beautiful. In relation to lesson number #1 true beauty is made from inside and out.


In the end of the movie Chichi was crowned as the Drag Queen of America from the numerous tips that Vida and Noxeema gave her on their way to Hollywood. A lot of people do do take care of themselves in terms of clothings and hygiene. But lesson #4 is telling us to be a little different from the regulars or try not to be like the rest of the flock. Every body else seems to follow a certain fashion or beauty trend. Why not try taking your beauty to the next level or try to deviate a little from the norm so you could stand out from the rest by putting a little extra. If every body else wears a red bangle why not wear a red bangle mixed with other colors that way you will be a tod different. For guys if you notice there are very few men out their with big guns so why not pump up your arms and feel the difference.