Skin Type Questionnaire (Oily Vs. Dry)

In my previous blog I have promise to post the 16 skin types but before that you must answer this 4 part questionnaire formulated by Dr. Baumann for you to better understand the category of your skin. Just be sure you answer it in full honesty to ensure you get the correct skin category. This will determine greatly on which of the 16 skin types you actually belong and it will help you treat and care for it.

As a teaser though the skin types are actually a mixture of several skin conditions so you must determine what are the categories you are in to know exactly how to make it beautiful.

1. After washing your face don't put any other products on it. Observe it under the mirror on a bright room. How does forehead and cheeks look like after two hours.

a. Rough
b. Tight
c. Hydrated no light reflecting
d. Shiny reflecting the bright light

2. In pictures, do you look shiny:

a. It didnt happen to me
b. Ok on some occasion
c. Regularly I do
d. Always

3. After putting on foundation for three hours with no powder how does your make up looks like

a. cakey with wrinkles
b. Smooth
c. Shiny
d. Streaked and shiny
e. I do not wear facial foundations

4. If you are in a low-humidity area wearing neither moisturizer or sunscreen how does your facial skin react.

a. Feels dry
b. Feels tight
c. Normal
d. Didn't feel the need for moisturizer
e. No Idea

5. Count the number of large pores you have the size of pin's end. How many can you see?

a. Dont exist at all
b. Some visibile at T-zone
c. Abundant
d. I lost count of the numbers

6. How do you describe your facial skin :

a. Dry
b. Normal
c. Combination
d. Oily

7. When you use soap that suds, bubbles, and foams vigorously, your facial skin:

a. Dry (this is your answer if you don't use soap because dryness is a side effect)
b. Feels like its dry but no signs of cracking
c. Just normal
d. Seems shiny

8. When not wearing moisturizer on your face , Does it feel tight?

a. All the time
b. On some occasion
c. Rarely
d. Not at all

9. Do you have blackheads or whiteheads?

a. Non existent on your face
b. Hardly have them
c. A few at times exist
d. Yes Plenty

10. Are you oily on the T-Zone?

a. Not a all
b. Sometimes
c. Frequent
d. Always

11. Two to three hours after putting on moisturizer your cheeks looks like?

a. Roughness abound
b. Smooth
c. Slightly shiny
d. Shiny and slick

Scores are as follow

a answer = 1 point
b answer = 2 points
c answer = 3 points
d answer = 4 points

Count your points and see what category do you belong below?

Total points ranging from 34 to 44 equates to very oily skin
Total points ranging from 27 to 33 equates to slightly oily skin
Total points ranging from 17 to 26 equates to slightly dry skin
Total points ranging from 11 to 16 equates to dry skin

After trying the questionnaire myself, the score equals slightly oily skin. Hmmm but that alone wont guarantee that I should start using oily skin products. In my next blog watch out for the next questionnaire about sub category of skin type, we will determine if your skin is sensitive or resistant, so stay glued.

(Source: The Skin Type Solution, a book by Dr. Leslie Baumann M.D.)


wendy coombs said...

The questions ianswered correctly results 11 to 16 dry skin

wendy coombs said...

my results are dry skin 11 to 16

wendy coombs said...

Do you let me know what to use or do I have to k
eep going to the next questions that you put up or do you send an email to me i have used dr lewinns private formular day cream and night cream and mask for 3 years but with no real results wendy coombs and where will i find my results will it be back on journy to beauty skintype questionnaire

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