How to make the most of using Sauna or Steam Room

One of the things I frequently do when I go to the gym is indulge in this perk of an exclusive gym. I go to the Steam Bath which is located near the showers together with the Sauna. I like the feeling of steam being sprayed over my body because it gives that instant moisture that my drench skin have been wanting after the exercise at the gym. It kinda open my pore to sweat out and at the same time release the toxins accumulated under neath it. It has the same effect as the Sauna although its just pure heat and the sweat alone is pushing all the impurities out of your pores.

This indulgence however can have its effects maximize. The following are the steps.

1. Do bring slippers inside the steam room or sauna - as a habit I love walking on foot inside the house so I implement the same at the sauna or the steam room. In return the bacteria breeding at the floor have an easy access to my foot. A week later my foot started having warts and athletes foot. I found out from my friend who have encountered the same problems that these germs breed on humid and wet areas.

2. Always wear towels when sitting at sauna or steam room - its the same effect as not wearing slippers. My friend told me he got a ringworm right at corners of his Butt ahahah just because he dared wearing his t-back at the sauna room. So for your butt cheeks sake always wear those towels just to be sure those bacteria wont have direct contact to your skin.

3. Do bring a Body Scrub - since your skin are soft due to the sweating it is best to scrub it to slough away all the dead skin cells to let new skin show. What better way to have this is to use a Body Scrub like Body's Shops Sea Salt Scrub. I frequently used the product while im scrubbing my skin. They always smell nice after the scrubbing and leaves my skin more radiant. Salt by the way is a disinfectant. Which could be perfect also for your skin after accumulating some germs.

4. Apply hot oil treatments inside the Sauna or Steam - to save you time going to the parlor and have a hot oil treatment you could also do it inside the Steam or Sauna room. Apply a hot oil treatment like a cream and let all the natural oils sink in your scalp for maximum benefits. Of course the result wont be at par as having the treatment at the parlor but im pretty sure regularity of the habit would bring the same effect.

5. Do not go to the Sauna or Steam room more than twice a week - Although this treatment is not forbidden for us compared to some people with asthma or heart ailments , in all things it must be done with moderation. Our constant tendency when we go to the steam room is rub our skin. Rubbing it do slough away the dead cells but doing it more often than we should darkens the skin. The dermatologist I consulted said frequent rubbing do stimulate growth of skin cells but at a fast rate that would darken it instead.

6. Stay inside at most 15 minutes - this treatment do make you sweat a lot but too much sweating will cause dehydration so I would advise you to limit yourself for a 15 minute treatment then if you want some more drink some water then indulge again. Do put intervals to avoid too much water loss which may eliminate the health benefit altogether.

This are the things I usually do whenever I go inside a steam room or a Sauna. Most of my friends follow the same as a rule of thumb. Sauna and Steam rooms will leave you fresh and will aid your metabolism for further fat loss. Always do the things I enumerated above to further enhance your beauty and eliminate the disadvantages of going inside the Sauna or Steam Room.


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hmmmm i guess clubs dont tolerate people to bring lotion hair effects inside sauna or steam room.

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